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Ricoh Corporation – Environmental Marketing

One of our oldest clients, Ricoh Corporation, was a pioneer in its concern for the environment and took the lead in both the manufacture of sustainable products and promotion of green to its own employees, partners and customers. Morris Weber has been on board with Ricoh’s environmental marketing for more than a decade.
This has traditionally involved developing materials for a three tiered approach:

  • Internal sales force and distribution channels

  • Customers

  • Partners

Our challenge has been to develop cost-effective materials that can be utilized throughout each market, while delivering a consistent message of sustainability. It has entailed not only understanding Ricoh’s own green message, but learning Federal and state standards of sustainability.
In addition to e-brochures, emails, banner ads and trade show graphics, Morris Weber has created “green” events, built environmental portals in major cities, developed an interactive retail site for purchasing Ricoh’s green materials, and designed a multi-media campaign that the sales force can customize and deliver to government and major accounts. Morris Weber also created awareness through a series of award winning environmental posters for both corporate and distribution channels.
This year, in an effort to increase employee awareness, Morris Weber partnered with Ricoh to redesign its internal employee site incorporating white boards and cartoon videos that both instructed and encouraged the employee become involved in the corporate initiative. Additionally, Morris Weber developed incentives to encourage employees to take the Environmental Pledge, become Green Advocates and participate in entertaining Green Challenges and post them on the site.

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